Swedish Warmblood News

The latest news in the Swedish Warmblood Community across the world.

USDF Allbreeds Awards

Are you a dressage rider and have received an e-mail from USDF regarding Allbreeds eligibility? In order to be eligible for the USDF Allbreeds awards, where Swedish Warmbloods compete in the rankings against other Swedish Warmbloods, membership of owner and horse...

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Registering your foal

Are you planning on presenting your foal at the SWANA inspection tour? NOW is the time to sign up and send in your foal's registration application. As of 2018, your foal will receive a passport from Sweden and in conjunction with this, also its own pedigree page on...

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Breeders Trophy 2018

Breeders Trophy! Sweden's young horse championships. The top 3-7 year old horses in dressage, jumping and eventing meet and compete for the coveted Breeders Trophy award. Charlotte Dujardin (GB) is once again the test rider of the 4-year old dressage...

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Press Release regarding WWFS

In light of the recent events regarding Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) the Board of the Swedish Warmblood Association made the following decision on May 24, 2018: All stallions active or intending to be active in SWB breeding will be tested for the WFFS...

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WFFS testing available through Swana

  In light of the recent events regarding the genetic defect Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WWFS), the Swedish Warmblood Association of North America is announcing a new benefit for its members. In conjunction with the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) at UC...

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Welcome to Swana’s new web site!

The web site is being rolled out today but is by no means finished. So keep checking back to view the new features coming up. The Swana web site is where you will find information on how to register your SWB foal/horse, how to become a member of Swana, the annual...

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