Replacement Papers

If your horse’s original registration certificate has been lost or destroyed, you may request that duplicate papers be issued. You will need to send in the following to the SWANA Office via e-mail:

  1. The registered names of the horse, its sire, and its dam.
  2. The registration number of the horse.
  3. A signed letter explaining the reason you are requesting replacement papers.
  4. A bill of sale or other document that verifies your current ownership of the horse.
    If either you or the person who sold you the horse are not the current owner of record, further research/documentation may be required.
  5. A set of at least 4 photos of the horse, showing all markings.
  6. A completed markings form
  7. Check the fee schedule for the Replacement Papers fee (The current fee is US $ 125). If the original papers are a Passport, check with SWANA for the current fee.
  8. DNA testing may be required in special circumstances.