Your horse’s registration will be completed faster if you submit all the necessary documents and fees in one package. Once the SWANA Office has received everything needed from you (including fees) and the DNA results from the lab, your papers will be processed. If there are no problems with your paperwork, you will receive the horse’s official Registration Certificate. Starting with horses born in 2018, the registration certificate will be in the form of a passport. Older horses will receive the regular registration certificate. Please keep the registration papers in a safe place, as it will serve as the horse’s identification papers for life and only one original will ever be produced.

As of 2018 your SWB foal will receive a passport from Sweden. At the same time your foal will also receive its own pedigree site on the SWB breeding index site You may submit photos of your foal if you wish to the blup site.

Send the following to the SWANA Office by November 30, preferably by e-mail to

  1. The original SWANA Breeding Certificate signed by the stallion owner/agent and filled in by the mare owner/lessee or digital approval of a SWANA Digital Breeding Certificate by the stallion owner/agent.  Request a printed Breeding Certificate (or digital approval) from the stallion owner or agent. Breeding Certificate
  2. A completed Markings Form which can be found here: markings form
  3. A minimum of four (4) color photographs of the foal (front, back, left side, right side) clearly showing markings and all feet from all four angles. Additional photos are needed for underlip markings and other unusual markings. Please see the Photos and Markings instructions.
  4. A copy of the mare’s registration papers and official pedigree showing at least four generations.

If the mare is owned by another person, a copy of the lease agreement needs to be submitted to SWANA to ensure that you will be listed as breeder/owner. If the mare is a Swedish Warmblood, ensure that you are officially listed as owner of record. If not, you will need to include a Transfer of Ownership for the mare to ensure that you will be listed as breeder/owner. If you bought an unregistered horse, you will also need to include a Transfer of Ownership  for the horse being registered so that we can list you as owner and release the papers to you.
Include all necessary registration and DNA testing fees. (See the Fee Schedule). Preferably via paypal. Remember to include a 5% paypal fee to the total. Registrations (including all necessary documents, photos, and fees) must be postmarked by November 30 for the age related fees to apply. We will send you the DNA kit once we receive the payment for the registration.

Photo by Carin Wrange