The SWANA Inspection Tour has been cancelled for 2020. As our judges are from the Inspection Committe in Sweden, the travel arrangements are too uncertain on a practical level and may pose unnecessary health risks due to Covid19 for our judges at this time. The health and well being of our judges and our NA breeders is our priority. HOWEVER, we have a       brand new option for our breeders this year as we plan on introducing the possibility of having foals evaluated digitally LIVE by one of our appointed judges in Sweden. This exciting        possibility will be possible via our collaboration with RIDESUM, a training app that allows you to train (and in this case present) anywhere and anytime and to connect with your favorite trainer no matter where they are. Foals will be evaluated just as they would be in an inspection; the breeder will receive instant feedback as the evaluation takes place live. The score sheet will be e-mailed to the breeder, a ribbon and an evaluation certificate signed by our judge will arrive via postal mail at a later date. SWANA foals do not need to be inspected in order to be registered, however this is a service we hope our breeders will find useful and exciting. 




For those of you that have a mare that you would like to have graded for performance so she can receive her stars *** a digital evaluation via RIDESUM by our appointed SWB judge in Sweden is encouraged. Please visit our website for more information on mare grading:


More information on this service will follow shortly.


Want to know more about RIDESUM? Visit their website  and be sure to download the app available in both App Store and Google Play.