A stallion licensed with SWANA will produce a Book I offspring providing the mare is Book I in SWANA or equivalent in other breed. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding the eligibility of a certain stallion as a stallion approved in other association is reviewed for SWANA approval on an individual basis. SWB stallions standing in NA or active via frozen semen need a current license in order for foals to be registered with SWANA.

SWANA organizes annual inspections in North America  usually in the month of September featuring two judges from SWB in Sweden. Any horse of any age is welcome to attend. SWANA offers anything from foal inspections to young horse testing as well as stallion evaluations.

If you have a promising colt in your barn and would like to get a prebreed evaluation on your colt you can bring him to the inspection. We welcome colts from other breed associations as well.

Please see the drop down list for information on mares and what stallions are licensed for the current year.