Transfer Of Ownership

Registration must indicate the current owner when a horse is being presented for inspection or when the owner or horse is competing for year-end sport awards (including USDF All-Breeds Awards).

The following items are required for an ownership transfer and should be e-mailed to the office:

1. A copy of both pages of the registration certificate or in the case of a passport the first page.

2. A copy of the bill of sale

3. A filled out transfer form which can be found here: Transfer of ownership form
4. A transfer fee, which is $25 for members and $50 for non members We will send you an invoice once we receive the documents.

You will then receive a new owner sticker to place on the original registration paper and a horse owner certificate to keep with your records. This is sent by postal mail.

Important Information for SWB Horses Purchased in Europe

If you purchased your horse abroad and didn’t have ownership transferred through SWB, please follow the steps above to have your ownership officially recorded.
If you purchased your horse abroad and did have ownership transferred through SWB (a stamped label with your name will appear in the horse’s Passport), please send us a copy of his papers/passport and an imported horse record fee so we can add a record of the imported horse under your name. (The current fee is US $15) This is crucial if you are competing with the horse or will be taking the horse to an inspection.


Zixten BN SWB) born 2014 by Blue Horse Zack out of Axima SWB) – Don Primero, breeder Sofie Bodin, owner Leslie Fan