In light of the recent events regarding Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) the Board of the Swedish Warmblood Association made the following decision on May 24, 2018:

All stallions active or intending to be active in SWB breeding will be tested for the WFFS carrier status. This also applies to stallions activated with the one – mare license. 
During 2018 the information on the WFFS status of each stallion tested will posted on the SWB website under the heading “Hingstlicenser” as soon as the information becomes available.
Starting in 2019, a stallion’s WFFS status is mandatory before he can be activated. This also applies to the one-mare licenses.
WFFS will be added to the SWB list of defects that has to be officially reported.
SWB will initiate a research project to map out the frequency of carriers in the SWB population. The study will begin with this year’s foal crop in order to achieve the current status of carriers. The study will be finalized this coming fall/winter, in due time before the breeding season of 2019 is to begin.
Samples from this year’s foal crop will be available as registrations of the foals begin. The study will not generate any individual results for the foals, but will give a clear indication of the carrier frequency in the population of foals born 2018.